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Packshot Visualisation

Computer-generated imagery – or CGI as it is often better known – is a clever and innovative way of depicting a concept, product, or architectural structure. Detailed CGIs are almost impossible to separate from photographs and can provide you with a visual representation of an idea long before it reaches the prototype stage.

Through 3D visualisation, you can really get a feel for what a finished product will look like, right down to the most intricate of details. Here at The Big Q Group, we have helped countless businesses save time and money through packshot visualisation… and here’s how.

Packshot Visualisation


Making your ideas a reality

One of the main draws of packshot visualisation is that it is an effective way of bringing your ideas to life. Gone are the days when you would need to create physical prototype after prototype of whatever you wanted to manufacture; 3D visualisation is a much more efficient way of achieving the same result.

Using the latest technologies and years of experience, our in-house team can convert anything from a rough sketch or complex set of 2D drawings into accurate 3D representations of what you are ultimately going to create.



Customisation is key

The images we generate through packshot visualisation can be as simple or as intricate as you need them to be. The team at The Big Q Group has an infinite range of colours, shapes and surface textures to work with, so the CGI you create is as close to the finished product as you could ever imagine.

Not only this, we can also formulate 3D turntable animations so you can see your product from all angles. It is a great marketing tool, not least because consumers or prospective stockists can really get a feel for what you are offering in a much more engaging manner than traditional media.

We won’t just construct a 3D representation of a 2D image. Instead, The Big Q Group will take into consideration even the smallest of details, ranging from the most appropriate camera angles to lighting conditions.

Saving you money

Creating physical prototypes is a lengthy and not to mention costly process. With packshot visualisation, you can make the smallest or largest of changes to your design while it’s still in the development stage, saving you money in the long run.

It is also possible to create CGI in a tighter timeframe than would be possible for physical prototypes, helping you get your product to market much faster.

We can work to any brief or budget, so why not give The Big Q Group a call to discuss how packshot visualisation can help your business stand out?


Reasons to consider packshot visualisation
  • Can be used for a range of products and scenarios
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to amend
  • Saves time
  • Creates high-quality imagery
  • Allows product configuration

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