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About The Big Q Group

Our fields of work
  • Business support
  • Marketing Support
  • Research & Developing
  • Software solutions

Busines support

We offer business support at every stage of your journey; whether you’re just starting out or taking your operations to the next level, we’re here to help.

Understanding your business

Our personal approach means we will take the time to get to know you and your business.

By offering bespoke solutions for all our clients, we can make sure you are thriving in the current marketplace, while putting you in the best possible position to achieve your future ambitions.

Here at The Big Q Group, we always focus on the end goal; what is it your business wants to achieve, and which products will enable you to do just that? By seeing the bigger picture, we can provide a well-rounded marketing solution you are unlikely to get from any other agency.

Each and every one of our services is available to everyone – the challenge is choosing which products are going to have the greatest impact.

Marketing support

The Big Q Group is your solution to getting your brand noticed, whether it’s through traditional print media or innovative techniques such as CGI and visualisation.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing isn’t just about using all the available means to get your word out, but how to use them well. Let us come up with a well thought out strategy that gets you where you want to be.

We don’t outsource

All the services we offer are fulfilled in house, which gives us ultimate control over quality. This is another reason we get to know you and your business, as we can always refer back to your objectives whenever we start on the latest part of your strategy.

Research & Developing

Research & Developing is the place where innovations are born, where new challenges await you every day and where you will be able to realize your full potential.

The Big Q Group has all the answers in one place. We have got you covered.

Why chose us
  • Quality
    • High quality services in one place
    • We use only Eco-friendly modern technologies
    • We have full control at any stages of project, We don`t outsource.
  • Price
    • Always you get fair price
    • Bulk service discounts and loots of special offers.
  • Time
    • All services we do in-house
    • Time saving – one place to cover all your business needs
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